Sunday 22 April, 2018

St Jude Hospital calls for increased security measures

A patient brought in from the Bordelais Correctional Facility on Saturday, July 8, absconded briefly while admitted at the St Jude Hospital.

The incident highlights a longstanding concern at St Jude regarding the level of security provided for prisoners who visit the institution to access medical services. There have been other incidents in the past where prisoners brought to the hospital for clinical services or admitted to the wards have attempted to, or have absconded altogether.

Consequently, the Board of Directors and the management of St Jude Hospital have expressed concern about the level of security provided for prisoner patients arriving at the institution from the Bordelais Correctional Facility, and other police stations. This latest incident brings to the fore the need to review and strengthen security measures for the hospital.

St Jude Hospital is committed to treating every patient with the same level of respect and dignity, irrespective of their background. The institution also has a responsibility to ensure the safety and security of other patients, the public, and its staff.

St Jude believes that clear security measures must be implemented to guard prisoners who are admitted to the hospital, or for those who report for outpatient clinical services, in an effort to ensure the safety of other patients, staff, and visitors to the hospital.

It is timely at this juncture that appropriate and proactive measures be employed to safeguard the second largest healthcare institution in our nation, so as to offset incidents which may compromise the safety and security of hospital clients and our staff.

The hospital’s board and management team will therefore be seeking to engage the relevant authorities with the objectives of discussing and agreeing to enhanced security measures at St Jude.