Monday 21 May, 2018

St. Lucia to House 3 Prisoners for TCI as Irma Relief

The Government of St. Lucia has offered to house prisoners from Caribbean territories hit hard by Hurricane Irma.

The offer, which was made Friday afternoon by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, has been accepted, to date, by the Turks and Caicos Islands (TCI).

Chastanet, earlier today, confirmed that the offer is still on the table and that the TCI had made a request to house three of its prisoners.

“There is a request for three prisoners to be brought here and my government is working with the British authorities to be able to accommodate them in that request,” Chastanet said.

The Prime Minister said that an audit was done at the Dennery based Bordelais Correctional Facility indicating that the facility could hold 50 more people.

This will come as a surprise as prison authorities here have consistently claimed that the facility was bursting at its seams, already filled to its capacity.

“Obviously we would want to know the circumstances which those prisoners were arrested to determine the level of security that we would have to have. I just want to reassure St. Lucians that in no way are we looking to jeopardize our own security,” Chastanet said.

“This is not the first time St. Lucia has made that offer. If you recollect there was a hurricane in Grenada when this offer was also made,” Chastanet said.

According to the Prime Minister is not all about asking for assistance. St. Lucia, he said, must also give assistance when assistance is required and do so with the greatest amount of pride.