Tuesday 14 July, 2020

St Lucia Jazz and summer festivals launch builds anticipation

On Friday, January 10, 2020, the Ministry of Tourism, Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA) and Events Company of Saint Lucia (SLTA), in collaboration with Jazz at Lincoln Center, launched the much anticipated Summer Festival and the Saint Lucia Jazz Festival at the Mystique Royal St Lucia.

The launch kicked off with tourism officials highlighting 2019 as a bumper year for tourism in St Lucia with figures exceeding the 400,000 threshold mark in terms of visitors on the island.

This year the annual festival is set to commence with Saint Lucia Jazz, from May 7- 9, followed by Saint Lucia Carnival and Roots and Soul Festival.

SLTA's Public Relations Manager John Emmanuel provided a breakdown of what’s happening with Saint Lucia Jazz and Summer Festivals 2020.

“We believe that each of these activities that make up the summer festival will have their individual launch. Be it St Lucia Jazz that is the premier activity, moving down the ladder as we move into St Lucia Carnival that continues to grow. It has been the fastest-growing carnival in the region and there is proof to indicate that the numbers are incredible."

"As we move further afield in terms of Roots and Soul, a relatively young activity but one that’s showing strength and showing real signs of potential for a real solid festival in St Lucia, culminating this year with regards to Jounen Kweyol and the whole month of October in Creole Heritage Month.”

Emmanuel elaborated on the purpose of the partnership between the SLTA, ECSL and the Ministry of Tourism stating, “The SLTA in partnership with agencies like Events St Lucia that is charged with the execution on the ground, the Ministry of Tourism looking at the governments vision as to how it is that we can make St Lucia a more trendy destination.

"The stats prove that in the Caribbean people travel largely for events, be it sporting, cultural or carnival activities, be it something along the lines of a festival, people are traveling for that. And so there is always something to do on St Lucia. We use the tagline ‘it’s is always summer on St Lucia’ and we stretch the activities throughout the entire month so that there is always something for a visitor to do on St Lucia.’’

He also said that the local audience has not been forgotten and he believes that they need to be entertained as well whether they are within or out of St Lucia, they need to be informed of what’s happening on the island. He promised that persons can get a full calendar of activities in 2020.

There was much anticipation as to who will be the headliners of the Jazz Festival and with utter excitement, Emmanuel explained, "For us, it was keen to ensure that the look was more than just Saint Lucia Jazz. Yes we're launching the jazz and we have announced some names, we're going to build this. Between now and come May there is need for a crescendo. We don't want to throw up all the names right away, we want to build this thing gradually and every now and then excite the base and show them what's in it for them."

He went on to say that these events will benefit Saint Lucia economically and promised that persons can get a full calendar of activities in 2020

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