Thursday 2 April, 2020

St Lucia Kennel Club elects a new executive

Newly elected executive of the St Lucia Kennel Club

Newly elected executive of the St Lucia Kennel Club

The St Lucia Kennel Club elected a new executive following its recently concluded annual general meeting.

A number of pertinent issues were discussed which included some of the aims and objectives of the club such as registering dogs with their pedigree; clarifying dog breeds; participating and encouraging the training of dogs; promoting excellence in the breeding of dogs and promoting the consideration and discussion of all questions pertaining to dogs.

Other matters discussed at the meeting including finance, membership, constitution, veterinarians becoming honorary members of the club, affiliation to regional and/or international kennel clubs and the Dog Day Afternoon event. Members also paid tribute to the outgoing Chair of the Interim Committee, Mr Lokesh Singh, for the yeoman service he has given to the organisation in his role as president in the past and more recently as Chair of the Interim Committee.  

The newly elected committee will oversee the club's operation for the next year.

The committee members include:

1. President Mr Colvis Samuels

2. Vice President Mr Eugene Gabriel

3. Secretary Ms Sancher Didier

4. Treasurer Mr Cletus St Marie

5. Public relations Officer Mr Terrol Compton

6. Registrar Mr Byron Fernelon

7. Floor member Mr Gregory Ragoonanan

8. Floor Member Mr Nigel Eudoxie

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