Friday 14 August, 2020

St Lucia may implement quarantine fee for incoming persons

Health Minister Senator Hon Mary Isaac

Health Minister Senator Hon Mary Isaac

Faced with mandatory quarantine protocols, St Lucians could be charged a quarantine fee in the near future as the government continues to revise it's quarantine protocols and policies.

Already, such measures have been implemented on a number of islands including Jamaica, St Kitts and Trinidad whose governments have indicated that it has become costly to house returning nationals.

Health Minister Senator Mary Isaac said: "Right now we are still deliberating on what the protocols will be for coming in. We developed protocols before but looking at what's happening in the region to some of the islands that have already opened their doors. We have started to reconsider and we are still looking at the pros and cons and we are still trying to figure out exactly what to implement here."

According to Senator Isaac, the initial plan had to be revised. 

"This morning there is a meeting and for all you know we may be finalizing those protocols. So I cannot say if we will be instituting charges for persons to be quarantined or not at this point in time."

Recently in Antigua, some visitors who tested positive for COVID-19 threatened legal action against the government for subjecting them to a test upon arrival. 

"This is why it's based on these kinds of developments that we have decided to revisit some of the protocols that we were looking at implementing. I know that we work hand in hand with the Attorney General and his office, we are guided by the legislations and the legislature because we have the Attorney General on board and these are all the complications that we take on account when we are looking at these protocols."

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