Thursday 16 July, 2020

St Lucia named one of the World's 30 Best Places to Visit

US News and World Report has released a list of the thirty best places to visit in the world, with St Lucia placing at 25.

"With a world full of fascinating destinations, choosing the perfect place to vacation can present a challenge. That's why U.S. News used expert opinions, user votes and current trends, in addition to evaluating sights, cultures, scenic beauty, food scenes and more, to compile this list. Use these recommendations to craft your travel bucket list, and cast your vote below to help us determine next year's list."

On St Lucia, they wrote, "Lush, unspoiled St. Lucia has a growing fan base. Some of its vacationers are music lovers, letting loose at the springtime St. Lucia Jazz & Arts Festival, or adrenaline junkies, testing their limits climbing The Pitons or zip lining through the Chassin region's rain forest. Others are honeymooners, unwinding on one of the island's chalky beaches or holing up in one of its isolated resorts.

But what if you don't fall into any of these categories? Don't worry: St. Lucia refuses to be pigeonholed as any "type" of Caribbean vacation. Plus, you also don't have to spend a lot of money (its reputation as a luxurious hideout is only somewhat warranted). To discover some of the island's indescribable charms, you'll have to visit for yourself. Start your mornings basking in an orange-tinted Soufrière sunrise then round out your evenings at an evening "jump-up" (or dance party) along Gros Islet."

The only other Caribbean entry on the list was the British Virgin Islands which placed 23. The top 5 was (1) Paris (2) South Island, New Zealand (3) Rome (4) Tahiti (5) London.

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