Friday 3 July, 2020

St Lucia's first New Year's baby of the decade a blessing to new mom

Newborn baby girl Acadya Paul

Newborn baby girl Acadya Paul

Nadia Aurelien is the joyful mother of Saint Lucia's first baby born in the new year and the new decade.

Loop News spoke with Nadia at Victoria Hospital today, January 3, 2020, where baby girl Acadya Paul was born shortly after the new year began.

"When the nurses told me I was the first to have a baby on the first, 2020, it's after they told me, 'you won,' I said, 'I won?' I was wondering what but I was very weak... they told me 'you made it, you made it, you the first to have the first baby for the year,' I just started smiling, I was weak but I was just so happy knowing that she's my first, she was born on the first for 2020."

Nadia talked about how special the birth was for her saying, "Just knowing I have a New Year's baby, the fact that I have a baby, because I've had two miscarriages before, and the fact that I have a baby girl, I always wanted a girl, it's just a feeling you cannot explain as if you feel like you in love."

Nadia described the delivery saying, "There was three of us in the delivery room at the time, of course, I was behind and the other two ladies was in front... when I started feeling contractions, they told me to breathe, don't just push but it was so painful, it's hard to not push, you cannot breathe during that so I just started pushing and when they checked me again they said, 'oh my God, the baby head is already there.' 

The proud mom said, "it was really hard but I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She is 7 pounds, 7 ounces, healthy baby, she in the nursery now, they just checking on her because her sugar is a bit low but apart from that everything is well, she's ok."

Nadia said that post-delivery she experienced a lot of pain, "I was here from since the 29th, as soon as I came in I was brought to the labour room but I was in and out."

She says now there is, "just little pains in my tummy and my thighs because my legs are a bit weak, but apart from that I'm ok."

Nadia says she has already prayed to God to guide little Acadya's steps as her life's journey begins.

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