Thursday 13 August, 2020

Staycation – 5 things to do in Saint Lucia

Waterfall in Darban, Saltibus

Waterfall in Darban, Saltibus

As St Lucia opens up more and more after prolonged COVID-19 restrictions, many of us are looking for something fun to do.

One of the most beautiful Caribbean islands, St Lucia has varied natural appeal—lush rainforest, hidden waterfalls, mountain views, and pristine beaches.

We are living in paradise so why not explore what our island has to offer? St Lucia is not about seeing, it’s about doing. So here are five exciting things to do on the island:

1. Get to know your country’s history

Yes, I know history may sound boring, but it is quite fascinating to find out so many things you don’t know about beautiful St Lucia. You can start at Pigeon Island and treat yourself to a history lesson about the landmark's previous occupants or learn more about the formation of the man-made causeway that currently connects the island to the mainland.

You can also visit Meadow’s Battery in Vigie and explore the tunnels there or visit the Inniskilling Monument at Morne Fortune. You can take a trip down south to Balenbouche Estate which is one of my favorite places to visit and experience what it was like living in the past. There are tons to learn about your country, educate yourself and have fun doing it.

2. Climb the pitons

The Pitons, a World Heritage Site, are the iconic symbols of St. Lucia. People from all over the world come here to hike up the mountain so why don’t you earn your bragging rights to tell your friends who visit about all the fun you had climbing the pitons. Though a tard bit strenuous,  the hike is fun and the view from the top is breathtaking.

3. Visit a waterfall

Tap into your adventure side and go waterfall hunting. We have already given you a head start by suggesting some pretty awesome waterfalls that you can visit in the south and on the west coast (Spiderman Falls, Darban Waterfall, Belle Vue Waterfall). St. Lucia is blessed with a multitude of hidden gems; you must keep exploring to discover them.

4. Go hiking in the forest

St Lucia’s rainforest covers more than 19,000 acres of the island. That is more than enough to explore. Have you ever heard of Edmund Forest Reserve? It is accessible from Fond St Jacques just east of Soufrière and will take three or four hours to hike.

You will encounter a close-up view of exotic flowers and plants, and distant views of mountains, valleys, and the sea. You can also tour the mile-long trail through Barre de l’Isle Forest Reserve which is an easy hike with similar spectacular views.

5. Take a bath in the Sulphur Springs

One of the best ways to end a hectic, hard day of exploration is to delve into the mineral baths at the Sulphur Springs. Detoxify, heal, restore, tighten, and smooth your skin by taking a dip in the mineral-rich waters.

Cover your body with the warm, grey mud, wash off in the spring-fed thermal pool, and then cool off under the lukewarm water of a near by waterfall or the optional service of cold water shower stalls available at the premises.

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