Friday 10 July, 2020

Stuck in lockdown: ten things we miss the most

"Sorry we're closed due to COVID-19" read a sign outside a popular watering hole. (iStock Photo)

"Sorry we're closed due to COVID-19" read a sign outside a popular watering hole. (iStock Photo)

For those of us who started to feel like we're stuck in a whirlwind after the unsettling reality of COVID started to become the norm, it got real, real quick!

Some may see the impact of COVID-19 as a cloud with a silver lining, while for others, it’s like living their worst nightmare.

Our dials often tilt to the brighter side of things. However, notwithstanding, we sympathise with those who share another POV, and may not be doing so well in lockdown.

We ask that by the time you get to the end of this list, you don’t dwell on the things you miss the most about being outside so much.

Instead, head outside and try to reconnect with nature and your environment.

Think of the brighter days ahead when social distancing, curfews, and face masks no longer flood your thoughts just before you head out.

The Loop Lifestyle team asked around and the response was overwhelming.

The items listed are at the top of the list, ten things we miss the most while stuck in lockdown…

1 Street food. From patties to jerked chicken (all parts: neck, back, and/or kidney). Many miss the cow’s skin soup from the lady ’round the corner or a homestyle lunch from the hole in the wall you can’t seem to walk/drive past.

2 The beach! Are beaches really closed? Why?

Remember when planning a trip to the beach was as easy as gathering a few friends, or grabbing the essentials to backpack to some private beach on the North Coast or Portie?

3 Social life. It’s been a chore having very little connection to friends, loved ones, or even the people you can’t stand but happen to share the same circles.

Fear not social butterflies for there’s hope. Though it may be an uncomfortably new experience the next time you link up with friends, it’ll be worth it.

4 Dining in! Isn't it strange thinking of the last time you had a meal in a public setting, either at your favourite restaurant or even at a family gathering?

5 Freedom. We empathise with the nomads on this one, as many miss being able to go about as they please. Excursions, private getaways, being able to explore and enjoy Jamaica, Land we love, the works…

6 The little things: the ability to the run to your nearest 24-hour pharmacy or to stop at the corner shop to pick up a pack of cigarettes, a bag juice, a pack of chips…the little things.

7 Having options. Many miss the freedom of choice in deciding where we dine, lounge, or go to escape reality.

The ability to move without thought. For example, going to the movies, a club/bar, going out for a drink with friends, or just having the freedom move about without consciousness.

8 The office. Working from home has, for many, been quite the chore as personal issues interfere with work, parents are frustrated by their children constant needs.

9 Our livelihood. The very thing that makes Jamaicans unique, that “No Problem, mon” spirit, has been overshadowed by the impact of COVID-19.

10 Long lines in the banks. Believe it or not, respondees mentioned missing the long lines at the banks. Whether this means they also miss the snaking traffic or lines at the supermarket cashout, is still unclear.

What are some of the things you miss while in lockdown?

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