Friday 5 June, 2020

Tailor enjoys success with shift to selling masks in Vieux Fort

Darcan Charles

Darcan Charles

While the coronavirus has created challenges for many people, it has also presented business opportunities for others.

In Vieux-Fort it has created opportunities for tailors and seamstress who produce face masks, which are in heavy demand.

Face masks are sold in Vieux-Fort for between $5 and $10.

Gavin Theodore wearing a mask made by Charles

Darcan Charles, one of the first tailors in Vieux-Fort that started producing face masks for sale, said he is satisfied with his earnings from mask production.

He said he currently employs a young man who goes around the town and sell his masks.

“Sometimes people come to my shop and order masks. I make the type of mask they ask for,” Charles told Loop News, adding that it takes him just a few minutes to make a mask.

According to Charles, he makes approximately 40 masks per day and most of them are usually sold at the end of the day.

He said he is now making good use of the pieces of cloth he once threw away or gave away to people.

Charles said he observed recently that the number of people selling masks in Vieux-Fort has increased.

He reminded this reporter that he (Emanuel) was the one who advised him to make masks for sale.

“I remember when you called me at my home in Choiseul and told me there are people in Vieux-Fort who need masks so I should make masks to sell,” Charles, who has his shop in Vieux-Fort recalled.

He said at first, he was a bit hesitant but is now happy he took my advice.

Other persons who produce masks in Vieux-Fort say it’s a worthwhile business.

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