Saturday 19 September, 2020

Taxi union reacts to duty-free concessions on vehicles

President of the National Taxi Union, Lucien Joseph, has described the recent announcement by Prime Minister Allen Chastanet to grant duty-free concessions on vehicles for public servants, bus drivers and taxi operators as a joke.

During his Budget Address on Tuesday, June 23, 2020, Prime Minister Chastanet said: “Our taxi drivers, who service the tourism sector, have been hard hit by the impact of COVID-19. We have been working closely with the sector on new protocols and they are also eligible for the Government’s income support program.

In addition, the Government will be offering 100 per cent duty-free concessions on vehicles for taxi operators over the next two years. Our Government is also mindful that bus drivers have been struggling amidst the pandemic and the 100 per cent duty waiver."

The National Taxi Union was not too pleased with the announcement.

“I don’t understand the logic behind giving a hundred concession now because we have been fighting for this thing for over four years now,” the president of the National Taxi Union declared.

“All of a sudden, yesterday became Christmas. Everybody knows we can’t get any loans from banks, we don’t know when the hotels will be reopening, we don’t know when boats will be coming in.”

Joseph noted he was shocked after hearing the announcement by the Prime Minister.

“I was amazed, I shook my head and just smiled because I do not understand where we will get money and which bank will give us a loan to get the vehicles.”

Public servants, taxi operators and bus drivers in Saint Lucia are set to benefit from duty-free concessions on vehicles.

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