Thursday 13 December, 2018

Theodore-John resigns as Speaker of the House

Leonne Theodore-John has announced that she has resigned as Speaker of the House.

Speculation had spread for some time that Theodore-John may be dismissed or resign from her post due to her approach to House matters and members.

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet in February 2017 responded by saying, “Everybody has their own style. She is the Speaker of the House. She is in charge of the House, if she asked me to sit, I’ll sit.” He continued saying that her heart was “absolutely in the right place in terms of being a very objective Speaker of the House. We had a case recently where the Speaker was very one-sided. I think she (Theodore-John) is trying to make the point that she is not going to favour any one side and that she is expecting every person to follow the rules of the House, and how can I ever complain.”

Opposition Leader Philip J Pierre recently said that a resignation would not surprise him due to friction between the Speaker and PM saying, "You may recall that the speaker has overruled the prime minister on more than one occasion when he obviously is not doing the right thing in the House." Pierre went on to connect Chastanet's treatment of Theodore-John to his treatment of women in general, citing the recent change of the governor general from long-serving Dame Pearlette Louisy.

Theodore-John also announced that she is set to take on the position of Minister Counsellor in St Lucia's High Commission to the United Kingdom. She did not disclose the circumstances that resulted in her resignation.

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