Friday 7 August, 2020

There is Carnival in the Caribbean for almost every month of the year

Revelers from the band Bliss in the recently concluded T&T Carnival.

Revelers from the band Bliss in the recently concluded T&T Carnival.

With Trinidad and Tobago’s Carnival in the bag for 2019, some Carnival lovers may be already pining for next year.

Good news, turns out you don’t have to wait till next year to wine down low in a fete or parade the streets in a costume.

The Caribbean Carnival circuit has just been activated and almost every island in the region will be staging its own version of Carnival from now till the end of the year.

So if you are a Carnivalista, pop your vitamins, book your flights and let’s go!

Below is a list of Carnivals in the Caribbean for 2019.

St Thomas

April 6 to May 4

Carnival in St Thomas, British Virgin Islands, is a month-long affair that comprises calypso competitions, cultural show, J’ouvert and children and adults parades.

Jamaica Carnival

April 20 to 28

Starting in Ocho Rios over the Easter weekend and ending in New Kingston on April 28, Carnival in Jamaica has grown to be a popular affair. While you can experience fetes from Trinidadian party brands, be sure to check out the homegrown events as well.

St Maarten Carnival

May 1

Festivities centre around the Carnival Village, the only venue of its type in the region. This year, soca king makes a triumphant return to St Maarten after a 15 years’ absence.

Bahamas Carnival

May 5

Not to be confused with Junkanoo, Bahamas Carnival takes on more elements of the West Indian Carnival with Bahamian flavour.

Cayman Islands CayMas

May 17 to 20

With a Soca Monarch competition, steelpan events, fetes, J’ouvert and a costume parade, CayMas takes place on Discovery Weekend.

Guyana Carnival

May 22 to 27

In its second year, Guyana Carnival is set to be even bigger and better. More emphasis will be placed on Guyanese culture infused with the usual Carnival elements that we have come to expect with each Carnival. 

Vincy Mas

June 28 to July 9

With Skinny Fabulous part of the winning Road March team in T&T, Vincy Mas is expected to take on an added air of exuberance.  From all reports, this is not a Carnival for the faint-hearted cause Vincentians go hard especially for their Soca Monarch competition.

Antigua Carnival

July 25 to August 6

Billed as the Greatest Summer Carnival in the Caribbean, Antigua’s Carnival has all the elements of Carnival: Panorama, J’ouvert, costume parades and fetes along with a Soca Monarch competition and Miss Teen and Miss AB pageants.

St Lucia

July 12 to 16

Saint Lucia’s Carnival forms part of the islands Summer Festival and with the popularity of Dennery Segment the event has seen an increasing influx of revelers. Like T&T, this Carnival has two days of parades with masqueraders parading in full costume on Carnival Monday and in anything they want to on Carnival Tuesday.

Barbados Crop Over

August 5

An event that traditionally celebrated the end of the Sugar Cane harvest, Crop Over is now a major staple on the Carnival calendar. The Carnival includes a market day, art and craft exhibitions and, of course, the occasional sighting of global pop star Rihanna who was born and raised in Barbados.

Grenada Spice Mas

August 12 and 13

With the success of Grenadian artists in T&T’s Carnival this year, Grenada is bracing for an influx of revelers from all over the region especially those who have never experienced the event before. Grenada is home of the Jab Jab and boasts an epic J’ouvert. The Monday night mas, comprising bands in glowing paraphernalia, is a sight to behold.

Tortola, BVI


The biggest cultural fete in the BVI is in Tortola in August, the event is known as the Emancipation Festival and also a August Festival. Activities include pageants, food fair, musical shows, horse races and parades, according to the official website.


November 4-8 and November 8-12

In only its fourth year, Uber Soca is now considered an official Carnival. The event takes place aboard a Royal Caribbean ship where soca stars from around the region drive raging non-stop parties while the ship sails to a Caribbean destination for an epic J’ouvert party. In 2019, Uber Soca will be headed to Grand Turk, Turks and Caicos on two sailings.

 St Kitts Sugar Mas

December and January

The last Carnival of the year, St Kitts Carnival takes place in December, culminating on January 2, 2020. The Carnival has its roots in the island’s traditional Christmas Sports and marries elements of that tradition with those of the modern Carnival.








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