Sunday 31 May, 2020

TMZ came for Rihanna, Bajan Twitter was not having it

TMZ video clip on Twitter

TMZ video clip on Twitter

TMZ went for the wrong Barbadian – Robyn 'Rihanna' Fenty.

And on the occasion, the Queen of Clapbacks didn’t even have to say anything as her friends from childhood, old schoolmates and other Bajans went after TMZ in full Bajan splendour.

Most recently, gossip website TMZ got it totally and completely wrong on August 21, 2018, when on Twitter they posted a video titled – ‘Move over, bride! Rihanna’s the star of this wedding! #TMZ

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Bajan Twitter did not forget TMZ as Bajans say, and they let TMZ have it in the replies and retweets with comments.

Founder of the celebrity news website Harvey Levin, made a huge mistake when presented with the fact that Rihanna had been a bridesmaid at her friend Dr. Sonita Alexander’s wedding a couple weekends ago. He tried with, “Sonita? So need a little attention is what she needs because poor Rihanna stole the show. Rihanna comes as your bridemaid, your bridesmaid, you’re an afterthought.”

His joke was a hit to the men and few women in the “newsroom” but many of the females were uncomfortable with the comment to the point that one woman cried, “What is your problem?”

However, she need not worry, as Bajans take care of their own and Bajan Twitter did not go easy on Levin and his baby – TMZ. The responses were colourful with Red Bull Thre3style 2016 Champion Andre ‘DJ Puffy’ Parris’ response getting over 225 likes. He used a .gif to tell TMZ exactly what to carry in no uncertain terms.

Puffy attended the same secondary school as both Rihanna and Sonita – The Combermere School in Barbados.

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TMZ even went so far as to try and make a jab about there probably being a “battle amongst the groomsmen” to escort Rihanna.

But Cheri on Twitter summed up TMZ’s fail most nicely in one tweet:

“They obviously saw different pics to the rest of us. Or totally missed the point that to these people Rihanna is just plain old Robyn LOL. TMZ and their stupidity never surprise me.”

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