Saturday 11 July, 2020

TUF rejects 'unacceptable' Govt salary proposal

St Lucia Trade Union Federation president, Julian Monrose

St Lucia Trade Union Federation president, Julian Monrose

Salary negotiations between the Government and the Trade Union Federation are heating up as the Government has threatened to explore its legal options should the TUF refuse to accept its proposal. 

The TUF is standing by its final decision to not accept Government’s proposed salary percentage plus bonds. In response to the Government’s open letter dated May 21, 2020, the Federation stated it has already forfeited the 1% salary increase due on April 1, 2020 for a period of six months and will not be coerced by the Government in accepting its proposal.

Yesterday (May 28), former President of the Civil Service Association, now Health Minister, Mary Isaac, declared that the trade unions have to fall in line regarding government's proposal to pay civil servants 50% cash and 50% bonds for a period of three months.

According to the Union, the proposal will greatly affect the individuals and their households.

“Our response highlights the effects on individuals and their households. We indicated that such a move would mean that some public servants would barely be able to cover their housing and food expenses.

"At the end of the three-month period, some would be indebted to the extent that their insurance policies would lapse, utilities disconnected and household items repossessed.”

The Federation also invited the government to consider the psycho-social impact of such a move on the public servants.

“We are therefore saying that while engineering as a field of study has no conscience, we expect those who use engineering principles to have a conscience; law has no conscience but we expect lawmakers and legal practitioners to have a conscience; medicine has no conscience but we expect those who practice medicine to have a conscience; and yes Sir, economics has no conscience but those who administer the economy and apply economic theory should have a conscience.”

The TUF has described the Government’s request as ‘unacceptable’ and assured Government that no condition will prevent the workers from standing for what is right.

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