Saturday 5 December, 2020

TUF denies it agreed to payment postponement: Pay full salary on time

St Lucia Trade Union Federation president Julian Monrose

St Lucia Trade Union Federation president Julian Monrose

It has been brought to the attention of the St. Lucia Trade Union Federation (TUF) that it was reported that the Prime Minister of St Lucia indicated that a meeting with the Public Sector Unions Monday night decided to push back pay that was due on April 23 to April 30 in order to ‘complete the decision’ on Government’s proposal to the various Unions.

The Federation on behalf of all its affiliates categorically denies that any such agreement was reached. A meeting between Government and Public Sector Unions took place on Monday 20th April 2020.

The Public Sector Unions that are affiliates of the Federation took the following positions at the meeting:

1) The Unions stated quite clearly to government that it had an obligation to pay public servants their full salaries and allowances due for April 2020. They reminded the government of the assurances given to that effect at a previous meeting.

2) The Unions rejected the government’s request to extend pay date from April 23rd to 30th, 2020.

3) In terms of the Government’s proposal, the Unions indicated that the late receipt of the proposal coupled with the current State of Emergency as well as the health protocols to be observed given the COVID-19 situation rendered it difficult to discuss the proposal with their members who have the ultimate authority in such a matter.

4) The Unions further explained to Government the hardships that acceptance of the proposal will cause for individual members and their families as well as the negative impact that such a decision would ultimately have on the economy of St Lucia.

5) The Unions again proposed that Government agrees to work towards developing a comprehensive strategy to manage the current situation.

6) The TUF and the affiliates pledge to continue to dialogue with government and other social partners in finding solutions to the current crisis.

The Trade Union Federation and all its Affiliates reiterate the position that government should honour its commitment to pay public servants full salary and allowances by the published due date.

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