Wednesday 28 October, 2020

UWP: Union leaders' actions are 'nothing other than sabotage'

The UWP United Workers Party wishes to express its deep concerns about the unfounded actions taken by the CSA and teachers’ unions during the past few days.

It is clear that negotiations between these with these parties have progressed in a spirit of good faith in an effort to resolve the triennium term ending on March 31, 2019.

There has been no breakdown in these negotiations and any statement to the contrary is totally unfounded and designed to create unnecessary upheaval and confusion in the rank and file of these unions.

It is clear there has been a concerted effort by some to peddle untruths to union members since the elections of June 6, 2016 which is not productive in any manner.

The government of Prime Minister Allen Chastanet is determined to resolve the issues being discussed despite the politics being played by the CSA and SLTU.

The blatantly untrue statements of CSA president Cyprian Montrope to the membership of that union, and Julian Monrose of the SLTU, can only be seen as an attempt to mislead and cause chaos in the country. In the fragile state of our economy their actions can be seen as nothing other than sabotage.

The United Workers Party encourages the Government of Saint Lucia to remain focused on its mandate of building a new and prosperous Saint Lucia for the benefit of all and not allow itself to be distracted by an increasingly desperate SLP Opposition which sees the wide-scale implementation of projects, especially in their own constituencies. Some of these projects include:

-Expansion of the Sulphur Springs with the addition of three more baths

-The commencement of the road marking program to improve road safety

-Ground breaking for Hewanorra International Airport Redevelopment

-The Progress of the desilting of the John Compton Dam

-The successful completion of water projects in Dennery, Babonneau, Canaries, Millet and Micoud.

-The injection of $10 Million in one year to repair schools when under the SLP only $1 million was spent

-The commencement of the Rehabilitation of Edmund Forest Road which was affected since the passage of Hurricane Tomas in 2010

-The Signing for the Millennium Highway and West Coast Road Rehabilitation Project

-The upgrading of Agricultural feeder roads in Soufriere, Micoud and Dennery

-The record breaking tourism arrivals

-The Upgrading of the Anse Ger Agro Processing Facilities for Chocolate production and the Honey Processing facility in Dennery

-The sourcing of vital equipment for our Fishermen with the aid of the Japanese

-The vast amount of constituency development projects with assistance from the Taiwanese, amongst several ongoing and soon to be launched projects.

The SLP, in their 5 year term was not able to deliver compared to the UWP being able to do so, less than three years into their term of office.

The UWP would like to remind the public that a United Workers Party has never proposed to cut Civil servants salaries by 5%, nor have they ever offered public workers a 0% increase for 3 consecutive years.

It has always been a UWP Administration which has listened to concerns and worked in the best interest of fellow Government workers and we look forward to an amicable resolution in the current negotiations.

The Prime Minister who is a very caring individual has St. Lucia at heart and has said time and time again that his Government will improve the lives of all St. Lucians, and has lamented that certain sectors of the Public Service is underpaid.

Our Party and its Government is not opposed to workers taking action if there are issues affecting them, but when Union leaders coming from the CSA and Teacher’s Union spread propaganda and lies to rile up their membership.  

Because their leaders have a vested interest in supporting an opposition party, the members must take stock and not allow themselves be used as pawns in a battle for political power led by operatives of the St. Lucia Labour Party.

The United Workers Party takes this opportunity to reiterate its unequivocal support for the Allen Chastanet led government and supports fully its efforts at finalizing negotiations with the unions.

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