Wednesday 27 May, 2020

UWP Women’s Arm: International Women’s Day should be celebrated daily

Today, Friday March 8, is designated as International Women’s Day (“IWD”), a day when the world joins hands together to support, raise, inspire and motivate women; a day when we celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women; a day when we reflect and continue to promote the acceleration of gender parity. 

IWD does not belong to any specific country, group or organization – it belongs to everyone everywhere and should not only be celebrated today, but every day, in an effort to continue to strive for equality amongst genders. 

IWD commemorates and appreciates the strengths and struggles of a woman, emphasizes her fight against violence and discrimination, and empowers her! 

We often hear about gender inequality, where women are discriminated against. This leads to partiality as some sectors believe that men make a greater contribution in the society. This is then reflected in the inferior treatment meted out to women in a social context, hindered progression at work (including gender pay gaps) and an imbalanced world. 

However, women are as capable as men and have proven to be sound leaders in their field of expertise. IWD paves the way for more women empowerment movements and rights to equality. Achieving equality in the treatment of men and women is extremely vital to not prevent or stunt the growth of women who can contribute to a progressive society. We must therefore aim to #BalanceforBetter.

A balanced world is a better world! Hence, a more gender balanced world allows society to progress and not to be delayed purely because of differences in a person’s gender. Moreover, a balanced world allows people to flourish and to contribute to our developing country, which in turn serves to benefit us all.

Today, the United Worker’s Party National Women’s Arm celebrates women and expresses gratitude to its incredible women leaders for their hard work and indelible contributions to the party and public life.  Women actively participate in diverse fields and continue to leave their legacy. We must recognize nonetheless, that despite these achievements, there is still a significant gap in realizing equal rights for women in many fields.

Unfortunately, there are women around the world who still continue to fight for freedom of speech, the right to vote, fair education and work which is free of discrimination. 

Today, we can see the progression of our Island, St Lucia, as our Government continues to remove barriers and advocate for equal opportunities for all. We need to continue to advocate for a more gender-balanced world to accelerate gender equilibrium. We all have a part to play and together we will achieve greatness. The future is exciting! 

On behalf of the United Workers Party and the United Workers Party Women’s Arm we would like to wish all women and girls a Happy International Women’s Day!

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