Friday 23 October, 2020

Valelse Sports Bar and Soup Kitchen is a must in Anse La Raye

Whether for lunch, dinner or a round of drinks in the evening, visiting Valelse Sports ​Bar and Soup Kitchen is always an extraordinary experience.

It is a place where you can relax, watch a game, throw back a couple of beers, sip on a cocktail, or tour the menu until you’re stuffed.

They cater for everyone. Located in the picturesque fishing village of Anse La Raye, this spot is small but offers big flavors.

Downstairs is mainly for sports enthusiasts complete with an absolutely fascinating sporting décor. Upstairs consists of a quiet getaway lounge with a premium drinks bar.

If you really crave ultimate privacy, you can book their private room equipped with a balcony overlooking the village, which is ideal for intimate celebrations without the crowd.

Valelse was named after the son of the owners. The name is derived from a combination of ‘Val’ in Valmore Brown and ‘Else’ in Elezer Charles who are the founders of this food venture.

The couple, who both worked in the hospitality industry, with Elezer being a spa manager for over 17 years and Valmore an executive chef for over 35 years, needed a getaway to kick back and hang out after work.

Living in Anse La Raye and having to travel to the north of the island for entertainment was always a tedious task. The pair decided that they needed to bring the entertainment to their community and because they both loved sports and also wanted a restaurant, Valelse Sports Bar and Soup Kitchen was born.

Valelse is the ideal spot to chill with friends or bond with family. Their menu is packed with a variety of soul satisfying foods such as ribs, calamari, curry goat, oxtail, Philly cheesesteak sandwiches to name a few.

The food is spectacular. Their homemade burgers are the best; hearty, flavorful, and oozy. The jerk pork was prepared perfectly with just the right amount of spices and the seasoned wedges were super tasty. If you ever visit Valelse, make sure you order the sweet potato fries with the blue cheese sauce! This is the most incredible fries I have ever had. Combined with the blue cheese, it creates a flavorful medley of sweet and savory in your mouth. It’s an absolute must have! Oh, and the cocktails, all I can say is the BBC, which is my personal favorite, is superb.

Philly cheesesteak and BBC

Above all, the staff are friendly and the customer service is on point. They always make sure you’re comfortable and cater to your every need in a timely manner. If you can’t travel to Anse La Raye to experience Valelse, then head over to their newly opened venue in Vigie, Castries.

The new hideaway has an open, outdoor setting with a cozy, intimate feel. The place is equipped with a stand-alone bar, dining area, a coffee shop and even an ‘on the water’ dining component. Patrons can also enjoy a $20 buffet special every Wednesday.

“Right now, we’re just concentrating on building the brand, making sure that the brand is consistent. That is important for us, that is key for us. We want to make sure that the food is consistent and the service is consistent. We want ensure that our quality remains and the food tastes the same,” Elezer said.

“When you have someone who has the same dreams as you it is easier to build your brand. You cannot give up. Sometimes trust me it’s frustrating, you’re tired and you want to give up. It has not been easy but persistence and hard work always pays off.”

Valelse Sports Bar and Soup Kitchen will be celebrating their fourth anniversary this year. You can follow them on Instagram @valelsesportsbar.

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