Thursday 13 August, 2020

Watch: Police march errant students to school

A video showing students being escorted to school by police officers has gone viral online. 

The video, which was said to be recorded on Monday, showed police officers escorting students to their school in Barataria.


According to reports, the students had been spotted playing loud music while waiting for taxis in Barataria. 

As a result, police officers made sure that they got to their classes on time; students were not allowed to chat with each other, and taxis were not allowed to stop for them as they made their way to school.

The officers were praised by citizens for making sure the students did not stray from their classes:

Kim M. P-a:

"This is the side of the police that we need to see more of serving as well as protecting, well done we applaud your decisions and implementation."

Węĺłý Mëľłý:

"Long overdue, praises to the Officers. These children waste their time and parent's hard earned money standing at this corner (a few minutes away from their schools South and North) waiting for fancy vehicles with "hard pound".........I love it! Hats off to the police!"

Nigel Hernandez:

"Sooooo proud of the TTPS...if the parents won't do it...the police will. So Happy to see this...our Police officers at work and we are sooo proud of you all. Way to go...this alone if sustained will redound to the benefit of both citizens of TT and most importantly to that of the student."

Tricia Sampson-Joseph:

"They need to come to city gate on a morning these school children lime in the terminal for hours and when security speak to them they are disrespectful and one even brought their parent for the security but their behaviour is ridiculous from primary to secondary."

Shabana Mayers:

"I'm so happy for this news. Would love to know if my 14 yr old kid was doing this and I wasn't there that she was sent straight to school."


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