Saturday 31 October, 2020

WATCH: Rolling with Deiwght Peters, made for TV

Rolling with Deiwght Peters is another made-for-TV production from DP Studios. (Photos: courtesy of Deiwght Peters)

Rolling with Deiwght Peters is another made-for-TV production from DP Studios. (Photos: courtesy of Deiwght Peters)

If you’re among the few on Deiwght Peters’ mailing lists, then you know major successes, announcements, and daily inspirational messages often pop up.

This week, Peters announcement his next TV venture: TVJ’s Rolling With Deiwght Peters, ‘another soul project from my DP Studio brand’.

The Saint International CEO and acclaimed model maker is set to appear on a TV screen near you on August 9 at 4 pm.



Viewers are expected to travel the world with Peters, who, on occasion combines labour and leisure on assignment overseas with his models.

And, Peters is no stranger to primetime television. For three seasons Peters hosted the eponymous Deiwght Peters’ Show on the same network.

This return to TV is simply ‘another exciting milestone in terms of the evolution of the Deiwght Peters studio brand.’

Going digital is the way forward, Peters told Loop Lifestyle recently, and, while ‘digital platform became an increasingly popular medium to access content, cultural contexts will make free-to-air TV a preferred choice’.

‘Inspired and influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic, I have revisited the business model of the Deiwght Peters Studios making it adaptable to the times,’ he continued.

And, he’s definitely not just thinking of the now. ‘The mission to be a definitive leader in the creation and broadcasting of timeless, globally-appealing, content for multimedia platforms is a powerful motivator for the next decade.’

I have visited many countries across the globe, but this show is a nippy collage of experiences and exchanges with friends and leaders across the world.’

Whether it’s backstage gathering the Saints or sit-ins with fashion insiders, or even treks across his beloved Jamaica.

Peters is committed to ‘…sharing their insights, experiences and some words of wisdom to viewers as we eagerly anticipate a new-world with new norms’.

Rolling with Deiwght Peters debuts Sunday, August 9 at 4 pm. Stay tuned to the show’s Instagram account for updates.

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