Wednesday 23 September, 2020

Water crisis remains despite recent rainfall - WASCO

The Water and Sewerage Company (WASCO) is reminding the public that the island is still in a drought and remains under a water emergency crisis, despite recent rains.

The island has been experiencing a drought period for some time which led to an extremely low supply of water at the John Compton Dam.

With the recent rain over the past few days, Marketing and Communication Officer at WASCO, Cherryanne Gaillard-Williams says the showers, although welcomed by WASCO, were not sufficient to replenish the John Compton Dam.

“We are happy that we are getting some intermittent rains over the past few weeks and of course they have been helping in terms of getting an increased supply of water at the John Compton Dam which is the reservoir supplying the entire north of the island with water, however, the amount of rain that we have been recording has not been nearly enough to replenish the amount of water that has been taken from the dam because of the demand on the system.”

WASCO is urging the public to continue to ration and conserve water and to harvest rainwater when possible.

“We want to remind people to continue doing that, continue to use your water wisely and carefully, of course, we are under a water-related emergency and there are prohibitions that the public needs to adhere to.”

WASCO is calling on the public to not be complacent despite recent showers and noted that relief will soon come to the south of the island who are not as fortunate as the north when it comes to a steady supply of water.

“One of the ways we are looking to remedy that situation is the consideration of the establishment of a desalination plant. As you know, there is no dam in the south of the island and what they rely on right now to supply water to residents is the intake and because of climate change and several other changes over the years a lot of the water sources that we would use to supply residents with water are now drying up and a desalination plant is an initiative that would readily assist with providing a ready supply of water to customers in the south,” Williams said.

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