Friday 23 October, 2020

White Chocolate under fire for claim he paved the way for black people

Josh Butler aka White Chocolate is under fire today for comments he made on a roundtable discussion about Caribbean culture. Photo: Instagram @whitechocolate758

Josh Butler aka White Chocolate is under fire today for comments he made on a roundtable discussion about Caribbean culture. Photo: Instagram @whitechocolate758

Remember White Chocolate?

The young man from the UK who came to St Lucia on a two-year internship and suddenly became a ‘St Lucian’ simply because he learnt how to wine like us?

I’m sure many of you would have seen him during carnival season doing the most and being praised for embracing our Caribbean culture. He has also been seen in other parts of the world waving the St Lucian flag and even uses the code ‘758’ in his name.

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Josh 'White Chocolate' Butler appeared on a recent episode of a UK-based Black Lives Matter Round Table series which discussed issues surrounding the black community. He spoke about being exposed to Caribbean culture through being in St Lucia and said that his social media following is predominantly black people because he can ‘wine’.

“I am a white boy who can wine which is a rarity,” he said.

White Chocolate went on to say that he has paved the way for black people to make wining a profession.

“Wining is part of the Caribbean and it’s been there for years. What I do is brand it and turn it into something that can be a profession. There were people before me. In a way I have been paving a way for black people to come after me.”

The video, which has gone viral on social media, has caused an uproar in the Caribbean community. Most Caribbean people are of the opinion that White Chocolate only got popular because he is white and not because he is contributing anything to Caribbean culture.

St Lucians took to Instagram and Twitter to disassociate their country from the modern day ‘Christopher Columbus’ or ‘culture vulture’ as most described him. However other islanders have blamed St Lucians for accepting White Chocolate as one of their own.


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Amin Muggabi Flood wrote a popular response on Facebook: “We have created the ability for White Chocolate to think and speak in the manner in which he has. We made a celebrity out of his white skin appropriating what is inherent to most black people. Maybe his one rotation whine impressed the masses, but his appeal is that he is white.

We need to realize that we are not celebrated in other cultures as we embrace and celebrate foreigners. We labeled him a Lucian, he modeled for carnival bands, he could whine on girls during carnival where local black boys would have been rejected.

All hail king white chocolate who has paved a way for black people to whine in one singular rotation.”

White Chocolate has since released a statement of apology via his Instagram. Some commenters maintain that he has not grasped where he went wrong.


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In his apology, Butler sought to clarify his statements noting that: “When I said ‘pave the way’, I didn’t mean pave the way for other people to whine, what I meant was that in a way I am creating opportunities, or at least trying to, for others to do what I do (by being an influencer not just whining) by showing that influencers can be a great tool to promote your brand.”

“In my experience I have found that influencers aren’t as common in the Caribbean as other places like the UK and US. And in turn a lot of brands don’t see the benefits of promoting your brand through someone who has a large social media following,” he added.

Caribbean nationals such Inhalemee, Empress Cece, and Royal G have been dancing professionally for years and have continuously contributed to Caribbean dance culture. Meanwhile, the islanders continue to ‘roast’ White Chocolate and have created several hilarious memes in reaction to his statement. Many people have unfollowed him on social media since the video was released.

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