Thursday 9 July, 2020

WATCH: XUVO launches 'Heaven on Earth' for Saint Lucia Carnival 2020

One of the newest kids on the block for Saint Lucia Carnival has unveiled its costumes to be portrayed for 2020.

Portraying ‘Heaven on Earth’ for 2020, XUVO Carnival Band in its second year is bringing new and blissful costumes from a cadre of Trinidadian designers as they partner to change the outlook to improve revelry in Saint Lucia’s Carnival.

“Last year we touched Saint Lucia Carnival with a bang and we are hoping to do so again this year,” XUVO executive, Mailer Sifflet told Loop News Sunday morning.

Organizers have described Saturday’s event as a successful and excellent band launch.

The young and vibrant band launched with eight sections namely Iyanola, Haven, Jacquot, Paradise, Soufre, Vice, Vive La Rose and La Mer. This includes one male roaming section.

“Heaven on Earth has always been what you consider utopia, paradise etc. We did not have to look for that…it’s right here in Saint Lucia and there was no doubt that this needed to be portrayed,” Sifflet declared.

The portrayal also involves an educational component.

“It also creates a teaching moment for our overseas revellers to learn about our island and tidbits on what has intrinsic value to us.”

“So essentially through the lens of XUVO, Saint Lucia is indeed ‘Heaven on Earth,’ she added.

XUVO Carnival band seeks to provide the ultimate road experience for Saint Lucia Carnival 2020 with vibes and unmatched energy.

The entire band XUVO is a full premium band and according to Miss Sifflet, revellers can expect a wide array of amenities and unmatched customer service for the road.


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