Friday 4 December, 2020

25 ways to know you’re a true St Lucian

Sharine Joseph poses with the Pitons in the background

Sharine Joseph poses with the Pitons in the background

Saint Lucians are a one of kind people. They stay true to their roots and always fight for what they believe in. They naturally dominate where ever they are, they’re the life of the party and stand out in crowds.

You are a true Saint Lucian if:

  1. You use ‘e’ and ‘a’ at the end of your words


  1. You use the national word when someone falls or takes a ‘plock’


  1. You can’t say ‘birth certificate’ but instead you say ‘birth cerfificate’


  1. You give directions with your hands even if the person has no clue where you’re referring to


  1. You give an entire story to describe what happened on a crime scene


  1. You are never on time (You use Lucian time)


  1. You can’t say ‘Digicel’ instead you say ‘Gigicel’


  1. You always take extra food home after a party or funeral


  1. You point with your mouth when gossiping about someone


  1.  You refer to someone’s enemy as their friend


  1. You always get involved in a ‘roro’ that has nothing to do with you


  1. You like people business


  1.  You use nylon bags as garbage bags


  1.  You chew the ice when you finish your drinks


  1.  You must put dumplings or green figs in all soup


  1.  You show disapproval by sucking your teeth


  1. You always have a sick bag or suitcase with night gowns, towels, under garments set aside for when you fall sick


  1.  At Christmas you have to have fruit cake and pork


  1. You run to your window anytime you hear a noise outside


  1.  You always run towards a fight not away from it


  1.  You pronounce ‘September’ as ‘Sektember’


  1.  You have a half-cut onion in your fridge


  1.  You store nylon bags in nylon bags


  1.  You don’t throw away your butter containers


  1.  You ‘cut eyes’ for people you don’t like


Bonus: You have or had a Singer sewing machine with the wheel at home.

What other things make you a true St Lucian?

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