Tuesday 20 October, 2020

Couple created their dream with Zabriko Bar and Grill in Choiseul

Zabriko Bar and Grill has the kind of backstory that makes one believe that anything is possible.

The restaurant was started two years ago by Tracy and Shaudius. The couple, who both worked in the hospitality industry, was always strapped for family time so they made a life-changing decision to start their own business.

“Too much work and we don’t get time for family or each other. Why don’t we create something for ourselves, then we can spend more time together and create our own dream instead of feeding someone else’s,” said Tracy.

They started small by setting up a tent near the side of the road selling food every Friday. Eventually, the couple established a venue for their restaurant which their 2-year-old daughter named ‘Apricot Bar’ and they converted to ‘Zabriko’ which is the creole name for apricot.

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and that’s exactly the case with Zabriko Bar and Grill.

Located in Morne Sion, Choiseul, the outside of the building has an antique charm that ushers in that "at home " feeling but step inside and it becomes abundantly clear that it is one of the coolest venues on the coast.

An orange, eccentric graffiti of the name and logo brightens up the wall, small grey and orange chairs and tables occupy the hardwood floors with a dark oak wood stain, a welcoming front bar with the brightest smiling staff. It’s the type of place you come for lunch or to have a drink, only to find yourself being ushered out at closing time.

The burger and wedges are scrumptious

When it comes to delicious, homey food, Zabriko Bar and Grill hits the target. The menu makes you wonder how a cozy place can deliver such bold, solid flavors and rest assured everything is made fresh upon request.

During my recent visit, I savored a few of their best sellers and they were nothing short of amazing. The grilled pork was a visual delight, looking like it was staged for a photo in a fancy food magazine. The taste was equal to its looks, tender and satisfying with every forkful.

The juicy burger was oozing with flavor and was hearty and delicious. Potato wedges in lieu of regular fries were scrumptious, with an extra dash of seasoning to peak their flavor. Not forgetting the tartar sauce which brought the flavor combinations to another level.

The menu is packed with an array of delectable foods such as pastas, pizzas, wings, lambi to name a few. Zabriko will be launching a full seafood menu in the coming months and the couple has their eyes set on creating a fine dining experience beyond the fast foods.

“It’s tough but if you have the passion and love for cooking and running a business, you should go for it. It’s about commitment and discipline. You need to keep pushing. When we started, we were under a tent and some days we only made $100. But we kept pushing. Under the tent was rough. At the end of the day it feels good.”

Zabriko Bar and Grill can be found on Google Maps and Instagram @zabriko.bar. Definitely a place everyone should visit!

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