Tuesday 20 October, 2020

12 brand names St Lucians made generic

When you need to brush your teeth, there is a good chance you will ask for some Colgate even if the tube handed to you doesn’t bear the brand name.

In St. Lucia, it has become a custom to use popular brands as common generic words simply because we grew up with the brand and it has become part of our everyday lives.

Here are 12 brand names that, for better or worse, have ended up as generic terms.

  1. Clorox – They have been the leading manufacturers of cleaning supplies since 1913 with bleach being one of their main products. As a result, most of us grew up using Clorox Bleach to wash and disinfect our homes and so any type of bleach that exists is automatically Clorox.


  1. Sqezy – The other brands of dishwashing liquid don’t stand a chance. The brand Sqezy is as old as day and is the signature name used for any dish washing liquid in St Lucia.


  1. Breeze – Another old brand that has remained dear to our hearts. Whenever we think of detergent we think of Breeze. It has been that way since the 1900s.


  1. Carnation – I think it’s the thick, creamy goodness that has us forgetting about every other brand and referring to all evaporated milk as Carnation.


  1. Milo – Growing up this was a family favorite and was so popular that any form of cocoa powder is called Milo.


  1. Pampers- I think pampers have withstood the test of time for all generations of babies that we refuse to accept that not all diapers are named Pampers.


  1. Panadol/Asprin – If you ever have a headache, grab a Panadol or Asprin which are the universal names for painkillers in St Lucia.


  1. Cutex – Our grandmothers and aunts used to enjoy getting their nails pretty with this brand. A lot of them still refer to nail polish as Cutex.


  1. Vaseline – The best solution for cracked feet and dry skin. No wonder we still refer to all grease or Petroleum jelly as Vaseline.


  1.  Kool-Aid – Kool-Aid is a fun rainbow drink mix that we all know and love even as adults. As kids, we enjoyed getting our tongues colored by this drink so it is of no surprise that any drink mix that appears in the supermarket is dubbed as Kool-Aid.


  1. Q-tips – Being the first brand of cotton swabs to be made, Q-tips (meaning quality tips) was one of the most widely sold buds after its release in 1913. To this present day we use the brand name Q-tips when referring to cotton swabs.


  1. Ziploc – Ask any St Lucian what they call the storage bags with the zips and I’ll bet my bottom dollar they will say Ziploc. This brand will forever live on.

Can you think of any other brands which have been made generic in St Lucia? Let us know in the comments.

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