Friday 14 August, 2020

15 things you’d know only if you went to Choiseul Secondary School

Choiseul Secondary School (photo via Facebook)

Choiseul Secondary School (photo via Facebook)

Choiseul Secondary School is in the lovely community of Choiseul in the south of Saint Lucia.

The institution has a legacy of academics, sports, crafts and many other interests with deep roots within the community.

Equipped with incredible teachers who go the extra mile to ensure the success of students, the school has produced many extraordinary students who have become successful members of society.

Despite all the academic excellences, students and teachers still enjoy some down time to live in the moment and make lasting memories.

Although everyone may not relate, if you attended Choiseul Secondary School in the last 20 years, there should be some memories listed here that will take you down memory lane.

Here are 15 things you should know if you went to Choiseul Secondary School:

1. Mr Chattagoon – The Mathematics teacher, he was a short, little man from Guyana full of life and energy. Even if he never taught you, you would know who he was because he was an incredibly fun person and one of the best Mathematics teachers at the school.


2. Students would skip classes and hang out behind the community center, the tamarind tree, the back of the school, the craft center and on the playing field


3. Ms Descartes’ toes – Her toes were always sticking out of her shoes, so students called her 'Zortaye'.


4. Mr Mariattes black book – This teacher would write your name down in his black book if you were misbehaving and was always playing in his moustache.


5. The blue graduation gown – If you were a troublemaker in school, you would be forced to wear the graduation gown for a few days as a form of punishment


6. Flies in the canteen – Although Ms Theodore’s bake and chicken were delicious, her canteen was always full of flies so the students named her food ‘chicken and flies’ or ‘bake and flies’


7. Mr Hudson – He basically wore the same clothes for the entire five years and he walked to and from school daily. Once he spoke in your face, your eyes would water because he always used to put Colgate in his mouth. It was almost like he was eating it.


8. Trois Cou and Ivan – The school securities who took their jobs way too seriously. They thought they were teachers. Students never took them seriously and it was hilarious watching them run after the students. They always used to report students to the principal. Literally every CSS student has the sticker below on their Whatsapp.


9. The women who sold cupcakes and Chubby by the fence


10. Ms Alcide, the French teacher – She always used to quarrel with the students out of frustration of them not taking her class seriously. 


11. Ms Sawak aka “Ti Dwet” - Children can be quite mean in high school. This English teacher earned this not-so-nice nickname due to having a sixth finger on each hand.


12. PE pants that were way too big for students


13. Miss Mariam’s patties on mornings


14. Last day of school – Students would remove their school shirts and go to KC Mart to purchase box wine


15. Water fights – Plastic bags were filled with water, paint and powder and students used to throw these after each other. The teachers were no exception they got their fair share.

Did we miss any memories? Tell us in the comments.


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