Friday 14 August, 2020

20 things you’d know only if you went to Castries Comprehensive

Castries Comprehensive Secondary School

Castries Comprehensive Secondary School

Castries Comprehensive Secondary School is one of the oldest schools on the island.

Opened in 1974, the school was donated by the Canadian Government and consists of a broad curriculum which promotes the physical, intellectual, social, emotional and spiritual well-being of each student.

The school prides itself as a leader in academics and technical and vocational education. With the help of talented teachers, the school continues to empower and inspire all students to excel as lifelong learners.

Of course, school isn’t only about academics, but the memories that you make along the way.

Although everyone may not relate, if you attended Castries Comprehensive Secondary School in the last 20 years, there should be some memories listed here that will make you smile.

Here are some things you'd know only if you attended CCSS:

1. Principal Jeremy Joseph – The ultimate spy. Equipped with a pair of binoculars, he would stand near his office and spy on the students to make sure they weren’t misbehaving. When he spots his victims, he tries to get their attention by clapping.


2. Mr Worrel, the Math teacher – He was a creepy looking teacher with glasses who always patrolled the school with his hands behind his back searching for students who were up to no good. His shirt buttons were always undone


3. Holes behind the hut – Students would cut holes in the fence behind the school huts to ditch classes and buy dhal.


4. Canteen rivalry – The school had two canteens. The smaller one was owned by Miss Claire and the main one by Miss Maggie. The two ladies usually served the same or similar foods so they would provide the students with competitive prices and services to outdo each other. Also, Ms Betty who worked for Ms Claire always had this plaster on her hand that would fall into the student’s juices.


5. The rock garden – Every single student who has gone to CCSS has seen the rock garden. It is simply a collection of different rocks assembled in an area between the staff room and TD room with a scarcity of plants in the middle.


6. Teacher Austin – Well, he never really taught his classes. He would simply write the notes on the board and whoever can keep up with his writing would know the lesson of the day, if not too bad.


7. 25 cent bottles of soft drinks – Students learnt entrepreneurship at an early age as most would bring soft drink bottles to school to exchange them for a payment of 25 cents per bottle.


8. Cheerleading – CCSS cheerleaders were super competitive


9. Detention – As long as you made it to detention you had to do some work. Either you got extra assignments or cleaned sections of the school


10. Assemblies – Being one of the first schools to have an intercom, assemblies were usually held in classrooms. They also were very long.


11. Auditorium glass – For no reason at all students tried to break the auditorium glass with their sports equipment


12. Mr Branch – Always keen to correct a mispronounced word. He was the driving force behind Oriole (yellow house). Rest his soul.


13. Mechanical room – One of the few classes with air conditioning.


14. IT room – If you think you can do your own thing on the computers during IT class, think again. All computers were linked to the teacher’s main computer so they can keep tabs of what you were up to.


15.  The school always had fetes


16. The bat cave – A corner of the walkway around the auditorium which was covered and always dark.


17.  A particular teacher always dug the school bins in search of food for their dog.


18. School anthem – Everyone used to stress on the last part of the anthem ‘the dawn’.


19. Students never used their real names at the security booth when they were late for school. The principal always had to make an announcement to remind them to do so.


20.  Mr Andrew – He was a dark teacher who used to just appear at one end of the school and in the blink of an eye he is next to you.


What memories did we miss?

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