Wednesday 30 September, 2020

20 things you'd know only if you went to St Joseph's Convent

St Joseph's Convent

St Joseph's Convent

St Joseph's Convent is an all-girls Roman Catholic secondary school.

Initially located in the city of Castries, after a fire on August 30, 1959, it was relocated to the present building at Cedars Road, Castries.

The institution prides itself in providing a moral and Christian environment in which each young girl’s talents are enhanced and each feels a sense of worth, community and responsibility.

Guided by professional teachers who act as mentors, the girls are exposed to a series of development activities which fosters creative thinking and a sense of togetherness.

Although known nationally for producing some of the island’s best academic performers, the students do enjoy some downtime which allows them to create lifelong memories with each other.

You may not identify with all the memories listed below, but if you attended St Joseph’s Convent in the last 20 years there should be at least a few that you will recall fondly.

  1. Sister Claire – She was the uniform inspector. Always making sure the girls’ uniforms were at the correct lengths. She was also the owner of ‘The Tickler’ which was the belt she used to punish misbehaving students.


  1. Mr Felicien – All students were nervous when he was on stage at assembly. Famous for calling students ‘dotish’, everyone was hoping not to be called out and embarrassed in front of the entire school.


  1. Mr Savy – He was obsessed and passionate about Mathematics


  1. The smell of dirty socks in the AV room


  1. Ms Johnson Laurie – She was nicknamed ‘scratch and sniff’. If you know, you know.


  1. The sacred grass – Students were not allowed to walk on the grass


  1. Sitting on the floor – Although many regard convent girls as being ‘stuck up’, it was part of Convent culture and tradition to sit on the floor.


  1. Elocution Competition – During the first three years at St Joseph’s Convent every girl would look forward to the competition, which was fun yet competitive.


  1. SJC steel orchestra – This was one of the signature things about the school. The girls were exposed to learning to play different instruments while appreciating various genres of music. They also enjoyed the opportunity of performing across the island and bonding with each other. Some of the girls who were part of the band are still friends after leaving the school.


  1. There was a theme for every assembly


  1. Tasty dhals from Miss Baba


  1.  Annual Calypso Competition – Where there was music, there was SJC. Every student looked forward to the calypso competition. There was always at least one calypso which was filled with harmony that had students singing all year long. There was one time a student sang about bomb scares which occurred very often during that year.


  1. Sister Rufina – She was strict. Students tried to not get into trouble for fear of getting a serious lashing from her


  1. STEC Club – Every girl wanted to be part of this environmental club to wear the cute uniforms with the tie


  1.  Sister Annanciata – In cookery, she used to spray all the food


  1.  Mrs Destang always sleeping in Geography class


  1.  Float and ketchup -  This was a Convent thing. Every girl has had one of these from the canteen.


  1. The Carnival Princess show – The level of competition for this show was always stiff but the girls always had a wonderful time


  1.  House competitions


  1. Cheese paste sandwiches from the canteen

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