Wednesday 25 November, 2020

4 best creole releases for 2020



Jounen Kweyol this year is a hard no thanks to COVID-19.

Most of the small events which were organized for locals to indulge in some form of creole festivities have been canceled due to the recent spike in COVID cases.

However, our artists are still keeping the culture alive, producing and releasing hits to help ease up the disappointment of not being able to enjoy one of the major local activities that we look forward to yearly.

Here are four of the best songs released for Jounen Kweyol 2020.

  1. Umpa – Chatou

As usual, the Dennery Segment lyrical God gave us a hit song with a traditional creole vibe paired with an interesting play on words. Who likes octopus in their pumpkin?


  1. Subance – Two Hours

I have always admired Subance for his musical presentation and this song is no disappointment. He definitely has us questioning whether he was really singing about ‘two hours’ or ‘tou ah wose’. You decide for yourself. The play on words is just genius.


  1. Mighty – Bung

An underrated Dennery Segment artist. His lyrics are always witty and entertaining. I especially love the way the violin came through in this track, taking the song to whole new level.


  1. Subance, Mighty, Umpa and Freezy – Bat Virus La

Although not really creole themed, this song appeared in this list because it is keeping with the times. I salute the artists for coming together to declare war against COVID-19 in creole. This song is not only informative, but it is paired with an amusing animated video produced by Acid Kreations which portrays how to reduce the spread of the virus. I absolutely love it!

There weren’t many Creole releases this year. However, our Dennery Segment artists have been busy for the past few months, producing some really great music. Here are a few:

  • Noah Seas and Freezy – Pave It
  • Dhirv 2funny – Morning Wood
  • Black Boy – Peter Potato

What are your favorite Creole or Dennery Segment songs for this year? Tell us below.


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