Sunday 25 October, 2020

5 Things they did not tell students about getting CXC results in Sept

The July 2020 CXC examinations are back. Now what?

They told you:

The results will be back in time for those who wish to continue to college and university.

The delay in results will be taken into account by the educational institutions.

The results will be back on September 22, 2020.

But what didn't they tell you about the July 2020 Examination results?

1. You will be receiving them during the new school year and on a weekday when you have school the next day.

2. You could be over the moon with joy and ready to call or email your college or university and confirm that you have the prerequisites needed to complete the courses and degree programme that you started a few weeks ago.

3. You could be in tears with palpitations wondering 'How and why?' and still have school tomorrow while feeling down, depressed and demotivated. #ChinUp #Thisisnottheend #Thisisonechapterinyourbook

4. You will not have the last weeks of summer to come to grips with your results before seeing your friends again or before having to think about school or homework or what's next.

5. They didn't tell you that you could be querying grades during your new term or semester and have a whole fresh set of butterflies in your tummy as you wait for a second time to learn your CXC grades.

No one was prepared for COVID-19 but no one painted the picture of the night of September 22 either, unfortunately.

Loop hopes that all the CXC candidates got their hearts' desires, or get it eventually or understand why the outcome was the outcome in the end.

Today (September 22) as he prayed for the July 2020 CXC candidates, the Rector of St Cyprian's Anglican Church in Barbados, Rev Joseph King said: "I pray that the students accept their grades with humility" and he said to those who do not get what they expected, may this be a time of introspection and may you be encouraged to try again. He was delivering the invocation at the CXC Headquarters in Barbados to start the ceremony for the official release of the July 2020 Examination results.

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