Monday 26 October, 2020

5 tips on how mothers can find some 'me time'

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As a mother, spending time with your children is the most rewarding part of motherhood.

However, it is important to de-stress and take care of yourself.

While the task of allocating time for yourself may seem impossible between caring for your kids and performing house chores, or working a full-time job, it is possible, and it is crucial to maintaining a cool, calm, and level-headed demeanour. Whether it’s 10 completely uninterrupted minutes in the shower or spending an entire evening out with your friends, a little 'me time' goes a long way.

For every mother who craves a little more of ‘me time’, here are some hacks to help you get it:

  1. Rely on your partner/close relative – Do not try to take up all the responsibilities alone. It is important to share the duties with your partner. If you are a single mom and don’t have a partner, you can ask a close relative to look after your child while you allocate some time for yourself. You can set up a schedule with your partner or relative once or twice a week to conduct your selfcare routine.


  1. Use nap time wisely – Generally mothers would use nap times to catch up on chores. Instead you can use some of the time to take a breather and do something you love then complete your chores after.


  1. Team up with other mothers – I know playdates may not be a big thing in St Lucia but you can consider teaming up with other mothers that you trust to share the responsibility for caring for your little ones. You can pick a certain date for each mother to watch all of the children, thereby giving the other mother a day (or night) off.


  1. Create a schedule - Following a daily schedule will ensure you complete things on your to-do list on time and do not find yourself overloaded with work. Scheduling priorities also includes setting some time for personal activities like jogging or exercising or pursuing a hobby.


  1. Hire help – If you are really craving some time to yourself and have no other options, you can hire a babysitter to come in maybe once or twice a week to allow you to attend to yourself for a few hours.


If you have any more tips please share in the comments to help other mothers who may be struggling to get some ‘me time'.

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