Tuesday 20 October, 2020

Anthony calls for update on St Jude Hospital reconstruction

Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South, Dr Kenny Anthony has issued a press release calling for an update onf the St Jude Hospital Reconstruction Project.

"By now it is clear to the constituents of Vieux Fort South, other residents of the south and indeed the people of Saint Lucia that the St Jude Hospital will not be completed in December as promised by the Government of Saint Lucia and its officials.

Given these circumstances, it is now necessary for Hon Guy Joseph, the Minister responsible for the construction of St Jude, to provide an update to the people of Saint Lucia on the construction of the hospital and a new completion date.

Parliamentary Representative for Vieux Fort South, Dr Kenny D Anthony, in whose constituency the hospital falls, calls on the Minister to provide responses to the following issues:

1. How much has been spent on the construction of the hospital, to date?

2. What is the total projected cost of the hospital, inclusive of new equipment to operate the hospital?

3. (a) How much has been paid to the main contractor and the sub-contractors of the project?

    (b) How much is due and outstanding to these contractors?

4. (a) Has the project received Health Approval, Fire Approval and Solid Waste Approval?

    (b) Has an Electrical and Mechanical Engineer certified and submitted Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing drawings to the DCA?

5. Whether any additional buildings of the former hospital will be torn down and if so which buildings?

According Dr Anthony, “a lot is amiss on this project. Firstly, it was a condition of approval of the project that Professional Indemnity Insurance had to be provided and submitted by the designers of the project since the plans were never certified by an architect which is a major submission requirement for any development of that nature to ensure proper circulation within the building. To date, this insurance policy is not in place.

It is inconceivable and frankly unbelievable that the building has reached this stage of construction and there are no signs of electrical works, fire prevention and health and safety at the existing structure.

If these packages have not been received and approved by the DCA, as I suspect to be the case, then it is even more astonishing that the DCA has not moved to stop construction to protect the people of Saint Lucia.

The real question is this: Bearing in mind the criticisms levelled by the Prime Minister and the Minister of Economic Development against the former St Jude project, why did the DCA even accept a project of that magnitude without the necessary submission requirements?

Frankly, it is time to provide answers to these questions to put the minds of my constituents and our citizens at peace.”

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