Friday 14 August, 2020

Christopher Hunte considering legal action against state

Christopher Hunte conversing with the officer who detained him

Christopher Hunte conversing with the officer who detained him

Christopher Hunte is considering legal action against the state after he was arrested by police in Canaries for allegedly leading an unlawful 'anti-Chastanet' motorcade around the island on Sunday, June 14, 2020.

The talk show personality has vowed to ensure that what transpired over the weekend will never happen to another St Lucian.

“I have video evidence and an abundance of it so that gives me comfort to make sure that what happened to me can never happen to a St Lucian again ever, because it has a much bigger implication when you can single out somebody and could identify that you’re going to go after them as opposed to whoever else, and nothing that I did was not done by literally hundreds to maybe thousands of people.”

Video of the arrest spread like wildfire on social media, with many questioning why Hunte was arrested when former United Workers Party minister, Richard Frederick was not.

Frederick had called on Saint Lucians to take part in the activity ahead of Sunday's motorcade. He was removed from the protest by police but was not arrested.

The incident has driven Hunte to believe that the government, cabinet and ‘house of slaves at the top’ as he described them, had ulterior motives for arresting him. He says while he does not know the actual circumstances behind Richard Frederick’s brush with the law on that same day, he was not pleased with the way his situation played out.

“In terms of the actual police, I feel sorry for them because genuinely the feeling that I got and the sentiment that I got is that the police are not exactly happy with the general situation and in terms of my treatment, I was treated fine just like everyone else. There were like three or four guys in each cell and everybody was treated equally.”

While he described custody suits as a ‘kennel’ in horrible condition, Hunte said he was thankful for being able to have is own cell and he has no complaints about the police.

As for the rumors of him deliberately putting himself in a position to be arrested, he responded sarcastically saying “Well let’s think about it. I want to know who was hoping to sleep on a concrete floor with a backed-up toilet and the smell and you can see sh*t and p*ss everywhere, lose your freedom, be locked up so if a fire caught in the cell in the jail or whatever that you will probably die. Oh yeah, that’s what I dream of.”

He further commented on the double standards where people can politic and dine at restaurants but are not allowed to protest.

Hunte was charged under section 14 (c) of the Public Order Act which is inciting an unlawful public march and was granted bail in the sum of $500.00

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