Thursday 1 October, 2020

Christopher Hunte detained on suspicion of leading unlawful protest

SSU officer detains Christopher Hunte

SSU officer detains Christopher Hunte

Vocal critic of government, Christopher Hunte, was detained in Canaries on suspicion of leading today's unlawful protest.

A video was posted to Facebook which showed Hunte questioning why he was being taken out of the back seat of his vehicle to Custody Suites in Castries.

The detaining officer answered that he was suspected of being a leader of an unlawful protest.

Hunte further questioned how he could lead a protest when 60 to 100 vehicles were ahead of his own.

After some minutes of unanswered questions, Hunte could be seen taken into an SSU vehicle to be detained.

Earlier today, Richard Frederick was taken away from the protest by officers but was not detained.

The "Anti-Chastanet Round the Island Mortorcade" saw many St Lucians driving around the island in protest of the government.

Assistant Commissioner of Police, Wayne Charlery, confirmed with Loop News that this rally had not been authorized.

On Friday, a Black Lives Matter protest was also deemed to be unlawful after permission was explicitly denied by police. 

Charlery told Loop News that action could be taken against the organizers of that protest.

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