Tuesday 22 September, 2020

Creative candlemaker shifts focus from tourists to locals after COVID

Have you ever seen a candle which looks exactly like one of your favorite desserts only to find out you can’t consume it?

Well, Delightful Wax Creations, located in Grand Riviere, Gros-Islet, will have you drooling over their scented food inspired candles. Their beautiful, unique candles celebrate some of the sweetest, most distinctive and most recognizable foods out there both visually and through their delicious smells.

Delightful Wax Creations don’t just make any candles, but the most realistic foodie candles I have ever seen and to top it all, they smell amazing.

They manufacture both container candles and food-based candles which can either be burnt in the home or used as a scented décor. Their creations include cheesecakes, cupcakes, donuts, cocktails and they have recently added French macaroons to their collection which, might I add, looks identical to the actual food.

Olivia Mark started this business of creative candle making in 2018 when she left her job at a local telecommunications company. Someone gave her the idea of starting her own business manufacturing soaps but she decided that the market was too saturated, so she started making candles instead.

Not too versed in the candle making process, Olivia made it her duty to educate herself about every single thing when it came to candle making. To throw in her unique factor, she focused mainly on creative candles.

Her first candle was a cupcake which she was overly impressed with and decided to take her experimenting to the next level trying new ways of making her product unique.

“You must have a passion for it. Candle making is not easy. Dealing with wax, wax is hot. When you’re in the kitchen in front of a stove warming up this thing and making sure the colors are right, if you make an error you have to be focused. It’s exhausting, it’s a lot so if you don’t have the passion you won’t make it.”

The business depended heavily on tourism as they primarily made tropical candles to appeal to their customers. However, COVID-19 has sent Olivia back to the drawing board to reinvent her products to fit the local market. With that, she has had to take a hands-on approach to her sales and marketing which has worked tremendously in her favor.

“Any business that you have you must be disciplined; you must be committed to what you do and you have to have a creative mind. I cannot say whatever I did for the visitors, the same thing will go for Saint Lucians. You have to be willing to spend and take a chance. A lot of the materials that I have used during COVID are just things I was trying out. People would like it on my page but it wouldn’t sell. Since COVID I have spent more money on materials trying to figure out what works for the locals.”

Delightful Wax Creations candles range from $10 to $50. They will be introducing party prop candles for weddings, birthdays, baby showers very soon. You can follow them on Instagram @delightfulwaxcreations_candles.

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