Friday 5 June, 2020

Minister shed tears after friend savagely attacked at his residence

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The ground floor/downstairs garage of the private residence of Dennery South MP and Youth & Sports Minister Edmund Estephane was the scene of a brutal attack meted out by two unknown suspects still at large.

The minister called in to local show News Spin to address the incident, which was captured by security video, earlier today, May 13, 2020.

He said that the victim is a friend of his and that in the wake of the shocking assault, he shed tears for the first time since burying his grandmother.

“If one studies the video and the guy’s reaction and some of the things that they did and what they were trying to do at my house, it is unbelievable,” said Estephane.

Home security cameras captured one man, after entering the property of the Dennery South MP, franticly looking for a place to hide from two other men who trailed him with what appeared to be cinder blocks in their possession. 

The one-minute eight-second video footage filmed the block wielding suspects cornering their victim near the MPs parked pickup truck. The victim, who police have identified as Almond Cox, collapsed after a cement block barely missed connecting with the back of his head.

Cox could be heard screaming “Este!” just before his attackers closed in. 

In the footage, Cox, who appeared to be unarmed, could only muster one desperate attempt to get on his feet before his assailants, who had already closed in, dished out a merciless stoning. The cinder blocks broke apart after making impact on the victim’s body. The attackers forcefully landed several direct blows with the blocks to the victim’s head, face and torso. 

“Pa touye” [don’t kill], was the rationale that caused the duo to eventually yield their attack on a motionless Cox after one of the suspects changed course to restrain his accomplice who’d relentlessly landed a flurry of cinder block strikes to Cox’s face before they both fled. 

The MP was in his home at the time of the attack, which occurred at Green Mountain, Dennery at around 3 pm on May 10, 2020. He said on the show, "Why did God hide me in some corner at my house away from all of that... maybe when I meet him he'll tell me why." 

The minister addressed the incident on a local talk show after the footage went viral today, May 13.

“So I am not able to tell you that it had nothing to do with me because we saw the guys passing and they were calling my name. It’s like two guys on a day you know, passing by anybody’s house, coming from by my brother’s house where they had a drink and passing by mine and would obviously want a drink. That’s the extent that is,” Edmund told News Spin host Timothy Poleon. 

Police sources disclosed to Loop News that Almond Cox is listed in stable condition at hospital. Police say the Dennery South MP gave them the video evidence of the attack which could lead to arrests.

Police are working to determine the motive behind the attack.

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