Saturday 30 May, 2020

Fake News Alert: St Lucia's first Coronavirus victim story is false

"There's a link circulating on WhatsApp and on social media which is accompanied by a brief from the story about a Dominican collapsing at the airport, this is absolutely fake, no such incident occurred and up to today, there is no confirmed case, no reported case of anyone, any passenger, any St Lucian or any person being infected with the coronavirus in St Lucia."

So said Norbert Williams, attaché to Prime Minister Allen Chastanet, reacting to a fake story being spread online.

He went on to state that the person responsible for the fake news was savvy in including a partially correct website address for St Lucia Times but that the link does not take you to any such story but to an error page on the site, as no such story exists.

"This is another malicious attempt to cause fear, to create panic in St Lucia. Please disregard this message, encourage your friends and your social media contacts not to forward it if they receive it," Williams said.

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