Wednesday 28 October, 2020

Fathers crucial for building a better society - Ampadu

Reverend Seth Ampadu

Reverend Seth Ampadu

Ahead of this year’s observance of Father’s Day, the head of the Methodist Church in Saint Lucia, Reverend Seth Ampadu, says the role of a father is crucial in building a better society.

“The truth is when fathers do not take on their God-given responsibilities, broken marriages and families are the results, which leads to a broken society that, in turn, negatively affects the entire nation. It seems to me that the greatest need in our society today is for fathers who will rise up and assume their God-given role of being responsible for the welfare of their family,” Ampadu said.

Father’s day, according to the religious leader, is a reminder that we are not celebrating only our biological fathers, but also all males who act as father figures, such as, stepfathers, grandfathers, uncles, godfathers and other adult males who care for children and youth.

The celebration, he added, reaffirms that God has given fathers a great responsibility to shape the society.

“It is unfortunate that while some fathers are doing their best to raise their children on good moral grounds for shaping our society, there are some fathers who are still “acting like boys”. Excuse me to say, that the fathers’ responsibility does not end at conception. They need to know that what makes a man is not the ability to have a child, but the ability to raise that child to fit into the larger society.

It means that if you are not ready to father a child, then stop having indiscriminate sex. If a father has an “I don’t care” mentally and continues to make children, the burden comes to the child and affects the entire society.”

Ampadu observes that father figures are largely absent in the society today and fatherlessness is increasing significantly which exposes the children not only to become victims of crime but perpetrators of crime.

“I am of the view that today if there is anything our society needs the most, it will have to be fathers with integrity, fathers who are incorruptible, and fathers who are completely honest and willing to mentor their children in a godly manner.

There is no question that if some fathers will change their negative behaviors, they can create a very beautiful “God” image for their children.

Godly fathers must be able to offer their presence to their children. I am of the opinion that when fathers become truly present in the lives of their children, not only a physical presence but even more so an emotional presence when they truly show an interest in their children’s activities, when they truly lend their attention and listening ear to them, I do believe that they also start imprinting the image of God in their children.

The earthly father, who is the representative of our heavenly father, God, can create an image of God in his child through being a provider, a guide, a friend, a protector, a disciplinarian. Good fathers are reliable, responsible, and consistent; men of action, preparing their children for adulthood. They work hard to provide for their family.”

The religious leader is calling on all fathers to assume the level of importance that God intended for them.

Fathers who will serve as a role model for their children in order to shape the future of the region.

“God expects all fathers to show concern and compassion, to care and love the children they bring into the world.

God has placed a greater responsibility on all of you who are fathers, to represent Him on earth and to train the children under your care. One day, you will stand before God and you will have to give an account of your spiritual guidance over your children.

There is need for some mothers to stop “competing” with the fathers at home. We know some of you are more educated and have better jobs than your husbands/partners. However, don’t let the fathers to be seen as “useless” before the children. Let fathers be fathers to bring peace at home and to raise responsible children who will grow up to positively shape our society.

I am strongly of the view that when fathers show love, acceptance, support, encouragement and forgiveness to their wives/partners, our homes and communities will have stability, security and serenity that will create a better society for all of us.”

Father’s Day will be observed and celebrated on Sunday, June 21.

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