Monday 30 November, 2020

Foodie Fridays: Couple striving for success with A&V Punches

The Richardsons alongside their products

The Richardsons alongside their products

I’ve been travelling around St Lucia looking for the best spots where one can enjoy some amazing food or taste some extraordinary drinks and I stumbled upon a gentleman at the Waterfront in Castries selling some of the most delicious punches I have ever tasted.

His name is Alrick Richardson, the co-founder of A&V Punches.

A&V Punches is causing a sensation among St Lucians with their unique punch drinks.

Serving a variety of dairy and non-dairy options, the small business has managed to stand out with their unusual but tasteful punch flavors such as pumpkin; sweet potato; breadfruit, which is the best seller; peanut, and seamoss, among others.

You can opt for the ginger with honey seamoss if you want to totally stay away from creams or berry blast seamoss for that nutritional boost.

The Richardsons manufacture their drinks with everyone in mind. I had the pleasure of sampling the peanut seamoss punch and I was blown away by how deliciously flawless this drink was. It is an entire meal in a bottle. It was smooth, creamy and packed with my favorite nutritional seeds, flax and chia seeds, was mildly sweet because no sugar was added and after just a few sips I was totally filled.

The birth of A&V Punches was quite an interesting story. It was only a year and a half ago that Velma Richardson suggested the idea of selling peanut punch when her husband became unemployed. The couple had no idea that when they risked investing their last dime into the business, it would become successful. In the beginning, they sold 40 bottles of punch and now 110-120 bottles as day.

According to Alrick: “There is nothing you can do for someone that you can’t do for yourself.”

He praised his wife for her unconditional support and expressed his love and appreciation for her. His future expectations for the business is to reach the international market and the couple is already making plans to expand their operations, sell to supermarkets and export their products.

Richardson advises all business owners to continuously educate themselves and utilize the technologies available to effectively run their business: “The more you educate yourself, the better for you. You cannot be a modern-day illiterate. You must have training if you want your business to be successful.”

“We should always be confident in what we are doing but never give up. Whatever you do and you are dedicated, set aside your pride, stay focused and whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability.”

The Richardsons manage the full operations of their business including doing their own accounting, budgeting, paying their NIC, setting aside the business savings and paying themselves a salary.

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