Thursday 4 June, 2020

Francis happy with police getting weapons off the street

Law enforcement officers are being praised publicly for their actions of merit in recording huge successes during specific situations in recent times.

The praise and commendation hail from none other than Justice and National Security Minister Senator Hermangild Francis, following the arrests of several individuals and the removal and confiscation of illegal weapons and ammunition off the streets.

“Kudos to the police and I am very happy with what I am seeing from the police,” Francis declared.

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In February two illegal guns were discovered in a barrel on the Castries wharf.

Nearly one month later, police and customs officials found an arsenal of several Glock pistols and AK-47 rifles in addition to nearly 400 rounds of ammunition was discovered in a barrel at the same location.

Police have also confiscated several high-powered firearms including submachine rifles and grenades in recent time during traffic checks and other operations.

The former deputy commissioner of police says, “From day one when I became the minister I said so that there are too many firearms and too many crimes being committed with firearms. However, it has to be a holistic approach and I will keep saying it is not only the police job to go and arrest persons with illegal firearms; it is for the public to give us the information and for the police to get that firearm off the street and for the judiciary to help us. If those three does not work hand in hand then we are spinning top in mud.”

Francis was irate in January after a Bocage man was granted bail for $13,000 after having an illegal high-powered rifle in his possession.

Since then, the judiciary has taken heed and in a recent unprecedented move, began granting bail to individuals found to have illegal firearms at exorbitant fees.

The most recent being a man who was granted $400,000 bail after an arsenal was found at his residence.

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