Friday 4 December, 2020

Grieving aunt pays tribute to young man who died in bike accident

Andy Jn Baptiste

Andy Jn Baptiste

The pain of losing a loved is often magnified when the person who passed away was very young.

Andy Jn Baptiste, just 23-years-old, lost his life in a fatal accident along the Vieux-Fort/Laborie Highway on August 11, 2020.

Jn Baptiste, affectionately known as Taco, swerved at high speed trying to avoid a pickup truck which turned on to the road from the parking lot of the hardware store.

As he avoided that vehicle, he ended up crashing into a minibus head-on, which was traveling in the opposite direction.

As his family continues to grieve, family friend Titoa Savery has written a tribute conveying the feelings of his aunt, Leanna Johannes aka Lady Lee.

The tribute is printed in full below and can be heard in the video above.

"My Dearest Papoo,

As I sit here and watch the days go by,

it is hard to imagine life without you by our side.

A young man so full of life, how could death be the price you paid for being kind.

Every day I go to bed hoping I’d wake up and someone would shout: “Taco is home now it was just a prank” but it’s only wishful thinking cause you’re still not back with us from your joyous ride.

I ask myself: "If the beauty of life is in living then why did we have to lose you and finding ourselves grieving?"

And although I know that with accepting life, death will one day be present I just wished that like students who don’t show up to class, God had marked that dreadful day you were taken from us absent.

How could life be so unfair?

What is the reason that you’re no longer here?

"Why" is a question that is often left unanswered and who death chooses we all wish we can alter

The sound of revving bikes can never be the same nor would a game of soccer, because you were our star of the game!

I promise to cherish the memories of your track days and polish your medals for they will remind us of your school days!

HOW can I say goodbye to you Papoo when my heart can’t even accept that you are gone!?!

If tears could have given you a lifeline I PROMISE that you would be here listening to Jerusalem, your favorite song!

Your mom and dad are broken, my love; and only your presence in the flesh can ease their pain. Our entire family is hurting and life without you Papoo, for them, will never be the same.

Your friends and the whole of Vieux-fort town shares our pain for you were loved by many just as we loved you and I’d have given anything to take away everyone’s pain.

Your angelic face and warm smile I will miss every day and hope I can kiss and hug again one day.

As you ride off into the sunset I pray that life for you on the other side will be merry. I am sure that the Lord has prepared a welcome party fit for a prince because you were born of royalty, the son of a King!

As you go on and wear your angel wings I need you to know that your job is to keep watching over us here on earth.

R.I.P my handsome nephew, heaven has gained a real solider with a big heart!"

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