Saturday 19 September, 2020

Happy 108th birthday to Octavie Augustine of Choiseul

Ms Octavie Augustine, 108 years young

Ms Octavie Augustine, 108 years young

Loop News join the Elder Care Unit of the Division of Human Services in wishing happy birthday to Ms Octavie Augustine, who turned 108 today.

"On behalf of the government and people of St Lucia, the Elder Care Unit of the Division of Human Services extends sincere birthday greetings to one of our most senior nationals, Ms Octavie Augustine, of Mongouge, Choiseul.

Ms Augustine was born on the August 14, 1912, and is now 108-years-old.

Ms Augustine, though married from an early age, also lost her husband early on, and never bore any biological children. However, she raised and made significant impact in the lives of many persons from the community, one of which is her niece and current carer, Ms Illtyd Alcee of the same address. 

At 108, Ms Augustine is a joy to behold. She is very much conscious of aesthetics and loves to dress up in pretty clothes and fancy earrings. She loves recounting all the stories of adventures as a farm produce vendor, a wife, and a surrogate mother of many. Ms Augustine is quite coherent, spirited and articulate, with an amazing sense of humor.

Medically, her major challenges are with her eyesight and hearing which have become a bit less reliable with time. At age 99, her right leg was amputated after a bandaging accident, but even that did not diminish her indomitable spirit and love of people and life. 

For her 108th birthday, Ms Augustine's only wish is for a birthday celebration. She seems to feel strongly that it will be her last birthday and wants to celebrate her life in a social gathering of her small family and close friends.

Once again, we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Ms Augustine on her achievement of this very rare and momentous milestone, and wish her a joyous 108th birthday. Bon anniversaire!"

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