Thursday 2 July, 2020

Health Minister Mary Isaac excited to be finally opening OKEU

The transition from the Victoria Hospital to OKEU in the fight against COVID-19 has been the buzz throughout the week.

Health Minister Mary Isaac has expressed her enthusiasm as the transition has become a reality.

“I cannot wait for tomorrow. It is just overwhelming that we are finally able to come into the facility. It is sad that it has taken the coronavirus to cause this to happen but regardless it is a very good thing that is happening and we will find comfort in the fact that we are able to move into a new hospital. We are going to see an end to the negative publicity.”

The Victoria Hospital will be cleared out and used as a respiratory care facility and all patients will be moved to the new OKEU Hospital tomorrow.

Although there have been a few hiccups regarding COVID-19 testing, the Minister has reassured the public that the testing should be able to start by Friday.

There are no new known cases of coronavirus in St Lucia. According to the Health Minister, everyone who has been suspected of coming into contact with an infected person has been tracked down and quarantined and there have not been any community transmissions that health officials are aware of. Amongst persons who have been tested and quarantined, there are no new cases.

“People coming through the back door if there are any transmissions from these people, the healthcare system has not picked up on it and we are not aware. We may not get everybody but we try as best as we can. Now if you or the public know of anybody that is out there that may have come in contact with somebody who has tested positive, we need to know who that person is. You need to encourage that person to come in.”

She reiterated that the country is in a state of emergency to restrict non-essential activity and as such only essential businesses should be operational including some of the call centers which remain open because they are facilitating training for the 311 hotline.

The Minister expressed her gratitude on behalf of the government to the people of St Lucia, the doctors, nurses, healthcare practitioners and everyone who plays a role in the healthcare system for making the move to the new OKEU Hospital possible.

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