Sunday 29 November, 2020

Hidden Gem: Spiderman Falls in Toreille, Soufriere

Spiderman Falls in Toreille, Soufriere

Spiderman Falls in Toreille, Soufriere

Spiderman Falls is a low-key hideaway which is just as majestic as Saint Lucia's many more well-known waterfalls such as the Diamond Falls, La Tille Falls and Piton Falls.

Hidden in the lush green forest at Toreille, Soufriere, this spot offers a day out like no other. If you are on the hunt for peace, tranquillity, and a little adventure, make sure you bring your camera - you’re going to want to capture every moment when you see this place.

To access this gem, you can enjoy a scenic drive from the Soufriere town up to the Toreille Falls. Directly after the falls, there is a concrete road heading down towards a river on the right side of the road. You access this road on foot as vehicles cannot go into this area. When you get to the river, this is where your journey begins, upstream.

If you have ever heard that rivers are the arteries of the forest, then this river absolutely brought that theory to life! It is full of clear waters. The aroma of the streamside vegetation and watching the water run merrily as it gently splashes and moves through the trees and curves into the forest will bring you back to the most cherished moments of your childhood.

You take a semi-adventurous hike along the river. As you walk through the forest, you will be accompanied by tropical trees, lush plant life and of course, there will be rocks in your path.

If you are not an avid hiker, be careful when traversing the terrain. Heading upstream, you will suddenly be greeted by the soft, burbling sounds of the waterfall. Further ahead, the beauty reveals.

You will gasp in astonishment at the simple elegance of this waterfall, gushing from between two rocks. The area is well kept with small benches where you can place your belongings. A long, horizontal line of rocks at the entrance of the pool, provides the luxury of poolside lounging. The water is clear with a dark green accent, not too deep and cold to the touch. Maneuvring is easy and safe.

Taking a dip will have you shivering but you will find comfort in being able to enjoy this natural place.

As you leave this gem, please do not litter! We need to protect this hideaway and every other beautiful piece of St Lucia.

The soul-swelling magic of this waterfall will follow you all the way home.

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