Monday 30 November, 2020

Hidden Gems: Belle Vue Waterfall a true beauty

Taking the path less travelled is a definite motivation for anyone with an adventurous mind when the old touristic route doesn’t quite do it. 

If you are looking for an unforgettable adventure, then take the challenge and hike to the Belle-Vue waterfall.

Nestled in the heart of Belle-Vue, Vieux-Fort, this thing of beauty is totally worth the experience.

‘Killer falls’ as we named it, is a breathtaking creation of nature. For that, it takes about a two and a half hour hike through a garden plantation, a forested area, and a steep muddy path. But Mother Nature must be on your side if you want to see the falls; a rainy day will make the hike a bit challenging.

To get a chance to see this raw beauty you have to drive up to the last house in Belle-Vue right next to a piece of concrete on the left side of the road where the youngsters usually indulge in football activities. From there, you follow a narrow dirt path on the far-right corner of the concrete which takes you into a banana plantation.

You walk uphill until you encounter a junction, then take a left and continue until you see a wooden shed accompanied by a breathtaking view. Pause, take in the view, refuel with some water because you’re definitely going to need it.

Follow the road proceeding the shed until it turns left and starts to go downhill. By now you would have been hiking for about 45 minutes. About five minutes into this road, there is an exceedingly small path which branches to the right. Take this path.

Now, this is where the fun begins. This path will take you on a series of mini escapades which will test your strength, your level of patience and sense of adventure. Did I mention you need to wear proper shoes?

The steep path downhill will get a little slippery but luckily there are ropes in some areas to allow you to hoist yourself down the side of the hill. It is a 45-minute quest so do not hesitate to stop and take a breather.

The waterfall runs silent from a distance so it may seem like you have been hiking forever. But do not panic you’re in for a lovely surprise. When you get to the bottom of the hill you will be enchanted by the magnificent wonders of the falls.

The first thing you will notice is the clear waters gushing from the side of a huge rock into a large green-brown pool. The pool then pours into a river which flows through the forest.

Accompanying the water on each side are miniature caves covered with small green vegetation and hanging Tarzan vines. The front of the pool is littered with rocks which can be used for lounging.

Although the water runs deep, you can either delve in or chillax on one of the pieces of bamboos floating around and take in all that nature has to offer.

The hike back to civilization is a bit tedious so pace yourself accordingly, take water and selfie breaks, turn on some music for motivation (I recommend Dennery Segment) and think of how awesome it would be to brag about conquering this adventure.

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