Tuesday 20 October, 2020

Jimmy Cliff hails Toots' latest album

Jimmy Cliff

Jimmy Cliff

Legendary reggae singer Jimmy Cliff is still mourning the death of his close friend and music business compatriot Toots Hibbert.

"Toots was my bredrin," Jimmy Cliff told Loop News. "There are not many people in the music I would call my bredrin, I get along well with everyone in the business but Toots was my real bredrin."

Hibbert, the frontman of the band The Maytals, passed away on September 11 last month, eventually succumbing to complications triggered by his battle with COVID-19. 

Toots Hibbert

The 'Many Rivers to Cross' singer recalled the early halcyon days of their careers when the singers would encounter each other in "friendly competition" at the various cinemas in the Corporate Area, and across the island. 

"We would buck up all the time in friendly competition all over the country and we would laugh and talk, ah just pure niceness. It was a big shock to me when he passed over," Jimmy Cliff said. 

Jimmy Cliff praised the late singer's 'Got to be Tough' album which topped several reggae charts over the world in the wake of his death. 

"It's a very healthy album, he went out on a high with this work, he left us with one really great album. My favourite song is 'It's a Good Thing You Called', it's a very deep song. I identified with it, he knows what he's talking about...sometimes, you are going through some emotional situation and you have an old girlfriend just call you of the blues, it makes you feel great to know that she called...it's a good thing. Toots knew what he was singing about," he said. 

Jimmy Cliff is putting the finishing touches on his own album which will include a single called 'Bridges'.

"Because I said 'Many Rivers to Cross', you know you have to get over the rivers, you have to make a transition, not only in the physical sense, but on different spiritual levels, so it's only a natural song to do," he said. 

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