Tuesday 1 December, 2020

Justos releases ‘God Bless’ to inspire St Lucians in trying times



Justos’ 2020 single ‘God Bless’ deserves to be remembered as one of the great tracks to come out of the year when everyone seems to be losing hope.

Although it was released in July, the song serves as a vehicle to inspire anyone who seems to be going through a hard time – “Even when the rain and the thunder ah bawl, only the Father I could call on..yeah. Me, me say me God Bless.”

Jesse Nelson, also known as Justos, always knew that singing was his God-given talent. Having grown up performing in church, the 25-year-old developed the unique skill of being able to transition to any genre of music and ride any beat without putting pen to paper; a level of versatility that many artists would only dream of having.

His first major release in 2019 called ‘SH Life’ featuring Jardel instantaneously became a favorite on every Saint Lucian’s playlist. The song, which describes the life of an SH biker (SH which is called S-Harsh) which is a popular bike model among young men, paired with an irresistible instrumental, accumulated over 212,000 views on YouTube.

Proceeding this huge milestone, Justos worked on other projects and partnered with Mrecordz Studios who produced ‘God Bless’.

“It’s a song I hold very dear to my heart. It’s a worship song ‘nuff of them just want to see me down and lose’ you know when you’re at your lowest and you don’t have anybody to turn to God Bless, just know that you God Bless. You could be going through your own personal problems and that could be your thunder, that could be your rain and it’s not a friend you could turn to you just go on your knees and pray.”

The dancehall track is different, it's influential with some powerful lyrics that speak to anyone going through a tough time.

“Sometimes someone may need to hear that message and you cannot tell them through word of mouth but music has a way of reaching out to people in ways that words cannot explain so that’s the aim of the song to give people a sense of hope.”

The ‘God Bless’ singer encourages upcoming artists to be humble, listen to different genres of music, always be willing to learn and accept corrections in order to be successful in the industry.

Justos is currently working on some music that will be released in the upcoming weeks. Among them is ‘Glad that I Found You’ which is a zouk love song, ‘It is What It Is’ and ‘Stress Away.’ You can enjoy all of Justos’ music via his YouTube channel JustosMusicVevo. Follow him on Instagram @justos758 and Facebook Justos Nelson to keep up with all his new projects.

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