Wednesday 25 November, 2020

K Coding Academy offers lucrative skills to St Lucians

Keva Joseph

Keva Joseph

Every Saint Lucian now has the opportunity to learn computer coding firsthand thanks to local entrepreneur Keva Joseph, who started an online program that is geared towards teaching young people computer coding languages and app development.

K Coding Academy was launched last week and is offering online classes and job opportunities for Saint Lucians who are willing to learn the craft. At the end of the program, successful students who take the teaching route of the class will get certified by a Taiwanese coding company called Premier Coding who has collaborated with the academy.

“The COVID-19 era is a wakeup call for us to acquire an education that is different from the traditional means or conventional way and it’s a time for us to be more innovative creative to be an entrepreneur in the time that we’re in and we can utilize that to better ourselves independently,” said Joseph.

The brains behind K Coding Academy, Keva Joseph was raised in the community of Wilton’s Yard (commonly known as the Grave Yard) in a single-parent home with three siblings. Despite growing up in an economically deprived area of Castries she had a successful secondary education leading to tertiary and her sports skills led to the offer of an athletic scholarship tenable at Bloomfield College, New Jersey, USA.

Joseph successfully completed a degree in Biology Pre-Medicine and further worked with Dr Stephen King performing autopsies for over two years until she was awarded a medical scholarship to study at I-Shou University in Taiwan.

While studying in Taiwan, she reunited with one of her St Lucian friends who introduced her to a world of computer coding which she ultimately fell in love with. She got certified in the field and decided to introduce Saint Lucians to the new technological advancement.

“They say the youth is the future of Saint Lucia but I disagree. The youth is the present, we are called now. Times are changing that require our expertise and our skills. I hope that they take an interest. Instead of playing the app, they can create the app and make it monetary for their benefit.”

Joseph says that the launch of K’s Coding Academy will benefit all Saint Lucians as there are so many job opportunities for anyone who learns the craft.

She is also offering all her courses at half price for the months of November and December to allow everyone to take advantage of a life-changing opportunity. You can enroll by visiting or email or call 1-758-714-7678 for details.

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